Meet the Family: Greg & Sharon Andrews

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Owners of Cabin 5116, Fowl Play

Greg & Sharon Andrews, Owners of Cabin 5116, Fowl Play


This month, we would like to introduce you to Greg and Sharon Andrews of Madison, Alabama.   They have been owners of Fowl Play at Hidden Mountain West for 10 years.  Fowl Play is beautifully decorated with Roosters.



Fowl Play at Hidden Mountain West


HMR: What made you choose Hidden Mountain?
Andrews: The many cabins at East and West, but ultimately the serenity and peacefulness at Hidden Mountain West, and knowing we could depend on the Smith Family to continue to manage and operate a Christian based company we could be a part of.

HMR: What is your favorite feature in your Smoky Mountain Cabin?
Andrews:  According to our guest, the His & Her shower spa, but I enjoy the screened in porch where I can sit in the rocking chair with a cup of coffee and look out over the trees and marvel at what God has created.

His & Her Shower Spa

His ‘ n ‘ Hers Shower Spa



HMR: What is your favorite thing to do when visiting Hidden Mountain and the Smoky Mountains?
Andrews: Honestly, we just enjoy chilling out, and recharging our batteries at Fowl Play.

Dining and Kitchen featuring colorful Roosters

Dining and Kitchen featuring colorful Roosters


HMR: What are your favorite “hidden gems” to visit in the Smokies?
Andrews: The list is too long, but we do have sort of a ritual in that our first stop every time we pull into Pigeon Forge is the Smoky Mountain Brewery, they have absolutely the BEST pizza in town, and a nice selection of craft beer.  For lunch the Old Mill Pottery House and Café is a frequent stop and for breakfast the Pancake House at the end of the strip where you have to have the “Country Ham”

HMR: What is a favorite memory from one of your visits to Fowl Play?
Andrews: Our last visit was in January of this year 2016, we looked at the weather channel and saw that a winter snow storm was heading towards the Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge.  Sharon and I thought, hey – why don’t we head to Fowl Play and get see if we can get snowed in.  Well, “mission accomplished,” it was wonderful.. Just make sure you have plenty of coffee, soup, pizza, stuff to eat as you are not getting off the Mountain until the snow melts.  I think the HM Staff thought we were nuts, but it was a peaceful, beautiful week that we enjoyed very much.

HMR: What would you like guests to know about you?
Andrews: We absolutely love “Fowl Play” and take pride in owning it.  We have many repeat guests who come back each year to enjoy Hidden Mountain and our cabin.  We’ve had engagements at the door, and countless honeymooners, who then return to celebrate their anniversaries.  It is fun knowing that you are creating and helping folks build their own special memories in the Smoky Mountains. Sharon and I started coming 35 years ago from a rain soaked tent and sleeping bag (too poor to afford anything else) to owning our very own cabin in the Smoky Mountains.  God has certainly blessed us.


Thank you Greg & Sharon for letting us get to know you and your beautiful cabin! May God continue to bless you!